Online trends change rapidly, and using the ‘hottest’ new platforms is the key to staying relevant. At Heaptech, we put people and technology at the forefront of our business. Our team has deep experience in transforming ideas into highly successful and powerful technology solutions to optimize your existing processes and boost revenues.

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Some Key Features

Working together to achieve great results

Well Trained Team

Professionally Trained Engineers through online courses and/or from experience of other developers from accross the world.

Code Reviews & Coding Conventions

We make sure to review the code before delivering it to our clients family. It doesn't matter what the technology is, at Heaptech we follow the coding styles and conventions very strictly.

Pair Programming

We believe two fun brains can do a lot better than single lonely and tired brain.

Stand-Up Meetings

What we did yesterday? What we are doing at the moment? What we are going to do next? Let's talk it in a stand-up meeting.

Revision Control

Revision Control Systems i.e, Git or SVN is being used at Heaptech to collaborate within the distributed team of engineers.