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A product is never complete. We provide continued support and maintenance as your product evolves and your business grows.

Web Application Development

How efficient is your business? We can improve it.

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Mobile Application Development

We don’t just make apps, we give life to ideas.

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Online Store - Ecommerce Development

More conversions, less hassle. Using the ‘hottest’ new platforms.

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You need to have a brilliant execution plan to make your idea real.

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Data Mining & Scraping

Converting data from the web to useful information for decision making.

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Open Source Customization

Use of open source applications to minimize the development cost.

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Technologies we have used so far

  • Django / Django Rest Framework to develop highly scalable and secure Web Applications
  • Flask for Rapid development of Web Applications
  • Scrapy for Automated and Semi-Automated data scraping clean up and analysis
  • Selenium for automated testing
  • and much more...
  • Wordpress to create highly customizable fully functional websites very easily
  • Magento for all of your Ecommerce needs
  • Drupal to develop web applications with easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security
  • Codeigniter & Laravel for rapid development by using reusable libraries
  • Jquery for features rich frontend applications
  • Angular / Angular2 along with Google Material Design
  • ReactJS for highly efficient data centric frontend applications
  • Redux / Saga to take care of data and side-effects, more efficiently on frontend
  • Webpack to handle the Javascript libraries more effectively
Mobile (Native)
  • Objective C / Swift to develop native iOS applications
  • Java (Android) for native Android applications development
  • Modern libraries like React Native to develop native mobile applications quickly and efficiently
  • Material Design to design mobile applications that everyone can understand